Have a calling to help others through Trauma and End of Life?

What type of person makes a great End of Life Practitioner or Trauma Debriefer?

  • Are you fascinated or curious about trauma, death & dying?

  • Would you like to provide quality care during life's most feared transitions?

  • Are you open to learning and experiencing in new ways?

  • Are you committed to continuous development of your skill and passion?

  • Are you ready to join a global team dedicated to supporting individuals and their families through and to their final transition or trauma?

If you have answered yes to 2 or more questions, these courses are for you!

Join us as we minimize the trauma and fear associated with death & dying, and as we provide quality care to those who need it the most.

Our Offering

Professional Development Courses for those who are passionate in helping people navigate life's transitions which include birth, life, death and dying. This includes supporting in End of Life space as a EOL Doula & EOL Counsellor, Trauma Debriefer, Bereavement Counselling and related. We also offer a Junior Learner Programme which are workshops run for kids, by kids in order to start conversations around topics that impact us as adults. When we start talking, answers emerge organically